Pre-order Plants

Large, statement, unusual & rare plants are here
 If you see something you'd love, please drop us an email and we can order the plant in specially for you. If you don't see something you love, email us anyway with what your after and we will see what we can do!

Dwarf Elephant Ear - Alocasia gageana
£40 - 80cm high including pot

Gold Cane Palm - Chrysalidocarpus Areca
£80 - 160cm high including pot

Dark Green Rubber Plant - Ficus Abidjan
£60 - 95cm high including pot
Dragon tree - Dracaena Marginata
£45 - 130cm high including pot
Variegated Rubber tree - Ficus Tineke
£65 - 3 stems, 100cm high including pot
Pony Tail Palm - Beaucarnea Recurvata
£55 - 140cm high including pot
Peace Lily - Spathiphyllum 'Sebastiano'
£50 - 135cm high including pot
Bird of Paradise - Strelitzia Reginae
£130 - 180cm high including pot
Please be aware that all sizes and prices are a guideline. Price will be confirmed on order. These plants are not in stock and will only be ordered upon enquiry. The planted listed are for enquiries we have already had, so while we will do our best to source a plant for you, it may not be possible due to availability from nurseries at time of enquiry. Sprouts don't hold the copyright for any images shown on this page.