3D Printed Modular Moss Pole

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These amazing 3D Printed Moss Poles are specially designed to suit any plant. Each set includes a selection of modular components allowing customisation. If that wasn't tempting enough, the components are made from Polylactic Acid (PLA) which is primarily derived from corn starch - clever right?!

To complete your 3D Printed Moss Poles, make sure you also purchase Soil Ninja's Sphagnum Moss, which can be found here.

 What's included?

  • Each set includes a cap, base, brace and soil spike
  • Large Pole Set: 3 x 190mm poles with a diameter of 50mm. 
  • Small Pole Set: 3 x poles, 75mm, 125mm and 175mm with a diameter of 25mm
  • See diagram images for more information

Breakdown of parts:

  • Cap - screws on the top pole section and covers the exposed thread for a clean look and feel
  • Base - screws into the bottom segment to stop moss or other substrates from falling out of the bottom
  • Brace - this is the first mounting piece and features arms that can be expanded to fit your chosen pot. Place the brace in an empty pot and open the arms against the side and screw tight to secure it in place. Because each arm moves independently, the brace doesn't need to sit centrally. Once the brace is secure, fill around the pole with your preferred soil/substrate before adding your plant. Then, you can attach additional poles on top as necessary.
  • Soil Spike - If you're not looking to repot, but still want to use a support, the soil spike can be screwed to the bottom of the pole and pushed into the soil. Make sure you're careful here because the spike is sharp! 

Key points:

  • As mentioned, the soil spike is potentially sharp, so be careful
  • Some loose lines may be seen around the screw threads - this is completely normal, and if necessary they can be pulled off gently with fingers or tweezers
  • When connecting parts the first time, the threads could be a little stiff - if it's stiff, simply unscrew and then screw them back together. This can be done a few times to make sure the thread is clear.
  • When screwing poles together, be sure to hold the parts firmly at each end - this will reduce unnecessary movement or force on the 3D printed area.

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