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Celebrating our love of plants with a NEW range of botanically inspired art prints.

Caladium candidum Plant a piece of art on your wall with our Caladium candidum botanical print that highlights the delicate veins on this luscious houseplant, using a blush, coppery foil. The wafer-thin leaves are debossed to accentuate them even further.

About the new collection:
We’ve taken our love of plants to the next level with a NEW range of botanically inspired art prints. A collection of four prints that pays homage to the most dreamy houseplants - the ones on every plant lover’s wish list right now.
Each plant-themed artwork has been hand-printed with a touch of luxury using metallic foils that catch the light beautifully to accentuate the modern, leafy forms. Pressed embossing and debossing elements on the designs create texture and depth to make dazzling prints. Perfectly gift-able and so you'll want them all!

Dimensions: 5x7” (13x18cm).
A picture mount is included.
Materials: 100% recycled card, metallic foil, packed in biodegradable cello.
Made in the UK.

About Another Studio 
A plant loving, conscientious, design company, founded on Aimee Furnival’s kitchen table in London, in 2009. Their inspiration comes from ephemera, architecture and the botanics. They’re enthusiastic about every product we create, especially if it plays with scale.

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