Cos STAND - Terrarium + Kit

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Get to know cos.
cos. is a new terrarium that utilises our crystal clear and bespoke glassware to create the perfect window into a mini ecosystem designed by you.

We have teamed up with local expert terrarium makers ome to make some pretty special little kits so you can create your very own miniature worlds. Each kit provides you with everything you need to create your own luscious and self-sufficient ecosystem. By utilising the specially selected high quality ingredients from ome provided in each kit and following our easy to follow instructions, you will be able to replicate the water cycle and design a wondrous micro-world. All you need is a few special plants and a little creativity.

We can’t wait to see what you create.

The design
cos. utilises our hand blown borosilicate glass jar combined with an agglomerated cork bung. Placed in the metal STAND cos. floats effortlessly and elevates your creation providing dynamic viewing from all angles. However this isn’t just fancy styling. By raising cos. up off the standing surface and reducing the contact points there is no chance of damp air getting trapped and subsequently nasty mold growing underneath the planter.

Whats in the kit?
You can select just the basic planter, or there are a few different kit options when purchasing cos. Each kit comes with Leca, Activated Charcoal, Substrate, Stone (see choices below) & Moss. We have also included a 100ml glass bottle mister so you can keep you plants fresh and the humidity inside the terrarium just right.

Stone options:
cos. + kit with dragon stone
cos. + kit with lava stone
cos. + kit with maple leaf stone

Plants have their own needs and behaviours much like us humans. Whilst cos. can be used with a variety of different plants, you should always follow the care instructions for your plant and importantly monitor how it responds to its environment and your care. We hope cos. will bring you closer to your plant(s) and bring you both joy and good health.

STAND - metalwork fabricated in Peterborough, UK

glass jar - hand blown in Shandong, China

cork - harvested in Portugal

product dimensions: height 17.5cm / external diameter 14cm / internal diameter 11.6cm / internal depth 15cm

box dimensions: h 25cm / w 17cm / d 17cm

please be aware that all dimensions are approximate and sizes may vary due to the hand made nature of this product

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