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get to know flo.
flo. is an elegant and yet practical self watering ceramic planter. Combined with the outer glass jar and recycled cotton wick flo. creates a cosy home for your plant providing a reservoir for ‘bottom-up’ gradual watering. This encourages strong and healthy roots as they grow directly down toward the water source. Choosing either the clear or mist glass jar you’ll be able to see just how much water your plant is drinking.

the design
flo. has been carefully designed and hand crafted to fit neatly inside the accompanying glass jar. This is then cradled by the metal STAND to leave flo. and the glass jar to float effortlessly. However this isn’t just fancy styling. By raising flo. up off the standing surface and reducing the contact points there is no chance of damp air getting trapped and subsequently nasty mold growing underneath the planter.

for all plants?
Thinking of using flo. for a plant that isn’t thirsty all that often? No problem. The recycled cotton wick is optional and removable. If you decide to water from the top flo. has additional holes on each foot for excess water to drain out and collect into the glass jar. This can be great for plants that don’t require a regular supply of water, such a succulents.

Plants have their own needs and behaviours much like us humans. Whilst flo. can be used in a variety of different ways to cater for most plants, you should always follow the care instructions for your plant and importantly monitor how it responds to its environment and your care. We hope flo. will bring you closer to your plant(s) and bring you both joy and good health.

flo. - hand made in Stoke-on-Trent, UK

STAND - metalwork fabricated in Peterborough, UK

mist / clear jar - hand blown in Shandong, China

product dimensions: flo. + jar + STAND height 19cm / flo. + jar height 17.5cm / flo. + jar + STAND external diameter 14cm / flo. internal diameter 11cm / flo. internal depth 13cm

box dimensions: h 25cm / w 17cm / d 17cm

please be aware that all dimensions are approximate and sizes may vary due to the hand made nature of this product