Flaming Katy - Kalanchoe rosalina - Mixed colours

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*SALE The remaining plants are no longer in flower. They have been dead headed and fertilised and our still healthy plants, but have been reduced as it will be a little while until they’re at their best again*

A beautiful little succulent that is perfect for those of you who tend to underwater - overwatering is this plant's nemesis! Lots of different coloured blooms to choose from - if you're keen on succulents and cacti it's a great way to get some colour into your collection. 



  • Keep the soil barely moist - ensure there is good drainage and water when the top layers of soil are dry
  • Likes full sun but will be ok with part shade
  • Can benefit from monthly plant feed during the growing season
  • Toxic

Pot D - 6cm

All our plants come in a plastic nursery pot as standard.
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