Mixed Adromischus

Sprouts of Bristol
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Plant picked at random - if you order more than one we will try and pick out different types if they are available.

Thrives best in bright light; will love your brightest windowsill (try South-facing if in doubt!).

Allow all the soil to dry out between watering; if the plant becomes crispy it may have too much sun and too little water; if it starts to grow mushy or rot at the roots, likely too much water and too little sun.

Low humidity is perfect for cacti; a hose down to clean now and again is fine as long as the plant dries and doesn't sit damp.

    Needs a well-draining pot and potting mix; look for specific 'cacti and succulent' soils with plenty of sand and other well-draining materials. Only repot if absolutely necessary: use the next size pot up, repot in the spring, and no more frequently than every three years.

    Feed every two months in the growing season, and every three in autumn and winter. Use 'cactus' labelled feed.

    Likes temperatures of 10-28°C; on the warmer end in spring-summer and preferably around12°C in its autumn-winter dormancy period.

    These plants are not toxic but the more spiky varieties can hurt pets and small humans

    Some cacti produce pups- so keep an eye out for miniature versions of your plant growing off the stem or out of the root which you could propagate!