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Pathway - Bioactive Terrarium

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Elegant and natural, the Pathway houses a snapshot of nature: an old, seasoned path that leads through an overgrown, tropical growth. Patches of Peperomia, Pilea and Callisia repens emerge from the mossy banks that cushion the orchid-bark path.
This is an enclosed ecosystem, handmade by the folks at ome. This terrarium comes with a custom-cut acrylic lid to reduce the maintenance required and promote a self-sufficient ecosystem.

Please Note:
•Our terrariums come with personalised care instructions, so you know exactly how to keep the ecosystem healthy.
• Although our terrariums are always put through at least a two-week incubation period to ensure plants/mosses are settled and acclimatised, plants + positioning may alter slightly from photos at the time of receipt, but don't worry - we always make sure they look intricate and natural.


A message from Joe, Founder of Ome

When I create a terrarium; it is a way of celebrating and encapsulating the beautiful variety this earth has to offer. In the times we live in it is ever more important that we understand, appreciate, and cherish the natural world, and it’s my goal to make terrariums more accessible.

There is a good reason plants are so beneficial for our wellbeing – they embody true nature, one that all too readily we disconnect ourselves from. Terrariums capture entire climates and allow one to enjoy the magnificence of an ecosystem in its entirety.

If you need assistance with anything on this website or with your own terrarium - I’m always here to help.

- Joe Rees, Founder

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