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Small Green Velvet Calathea

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We love a good Calathea here at Sprouts and these baby are a brilliant way to get some more into your collection. Calathea's are good growers so if you want a cheaper entry point into the Calathea world and to watch your plant friend grow then this is the plant for you!



  • Likes bright indirect light - can tolerate lower light
  • Keep soil consistently moist but ensure good drainage to avoid sitting in water
  • Likes high humidity - may benefit from a pebble tray
  • Mist regularly 
  • Ideally use rain or distilled water when watering/misting
  • Can benefit from fertilising during the growing season 
  • Pet-safe

Pot D - 7cm

All our plants come in a plastic nursery pot as standard.
Decorative pots are sold separately and can be found here.