Linnea & Ben - Paintworks - Sprouts of Bristol

Linnea & Ben - Paintworks

Sep 16, 2023Jessy Edgar

Linnea and Bens Wedding at Paintworks Bristol

The Brief
Linnea and Ben were very open about brief and didn't have a mood board or such for us to go from. Their colour theme was emerald green and gold with orange cheesecloths on the tables. They wanted to add some greenery to the bright and open room that is Paintworks Event Space.

As with all our couples, we create our own pinterest board and share this with the couple to make sure we are both on the same wave length and at this point we usually switch some plants around if the couple aren't so keen.

The selection of plants we agreed on included;
- loads of herbs in terracotta pots for the tables
- larger medium sized plants in terracotta pots on the joins and end of the tables, including Boston ferns, grass, ivys and parlour palms.
- some large plants either side of the ceremony area with some smaller ferns and grasses dotted in and around them
- extra plants to decorate the area with the welcome sign etc
- plants to decorate the cake table



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