Pet Safe Collection

In celebration of Change a Pet’s Life Day on 24th January 2021, with your help, together we raised an amazing £200 for Bristol Animal Rescue Centre!

We’re delighted to announce we are going to continue to be partnering up with Bristol A.R.C. and will be donating 5% to them, every month - this will help them carry on with their crucial veterinary and re-homing work in the Bristol area. Double yippee!

For those of you with pets, it’s really important to know which plants are toxic in case your furry friends decide to take a nibble. The vets at Bristol A.R.C. have been kind enough to double-check* through our range to make sure the plants available are non-toxic, so whilst it’s not advisable for any of our houseplants to be a kitty or pooch meal, you can rest easy knowing you won’t be taking an emergency trip to the vets if your pet has an unorthodox lunch.

To date, we have raised a huge £287.28 for Bristol A.R.C.

*Neither Sprouts of Bristol nor Bristol A.R.C. cannot be held responsible for your pet's health if they come to harm from any of the plants in this range. The plants in the pet safe range are deemed to be non-toxic to pets to our combined best knowledge. Please do not allow your pets to digest or play with house plants. If you have any questions, please get in contact.