Grape Vine - Cissus rhombifolia 'Ellen Danica'

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Scientific Name
Cissus rhombifolia 'Ellen Danica'

Common Name
Grape Ivy

Subtropical areas of South and Central America

Neither an actual grapevine nor an ivy, grape ivy is a brilliant easy-care hanging plant. The plant does well in shadier conditions and requires little care, so it's ideal for getting some Mediterranean vibes going in a spot that other plants may find more difficult - or for people who have a tendency to underwater. Whether you're going to have the plant hanging, climbing, or just in a pot, it's a great addition to your collection.

Place in indirect light, will tolerate shade.

Water when the soil is almost completely dry. Water thoroughly, and allow any excess to drain away.

Fine with normal humidity, but thrives with slightly higher humidity. Can benefit from an occasional misting.

Use a soil mix with great drainage - adding some perlite or sand can help with this. Re-pot when the roots start to fill the pot.

Feed around 3-4 times across the growing season.

Happy with normal household temperatures, but try to avoid extended periods where temperatures go above 30°C

Yes, however, the sap can be a mild skin irritant so is best kept out of the way of little fingers and paws.

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