The Plant Rescuer Box [Wonky, Not Perfect, in Need of TLC]

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Plant Rescue Boxes from Sprouts
We have designed a range of different sizes boxes for all budgets!
If you purchase a £15 box, you will get around £30 worth of 'rescue' plants at full RRP.
Please make sure you read the information in full below before purchasing.

About The Plant Rescuer
"Plants shouldn’t end up in the bin just because they no longer look ‘perfect’. They deserve our love and care, for without them none of us would exist. All too often houseplants are treated as disposable items, like a wilted bunch of flowers but they are alive and do so much for us, the least we can do is try our best to help them recover" - Sarah @theplantrescuer

Introducing the Plant Rescue Box in collaboration with author & writer Sarah Gerrard-Jones. Sarah AKA @theplantrescuer is a plant lover and goes above and beyond to save the botanical beauties that she comes across in her daily life.

By buying our rescue boxes, you can help us make a dent in the tonnes of waste that's generated by the plant industry every year. As online sales of plants grow, so do the mountains of plants that get discarded. Retailers are reluctant to sell a plant if it has even the slightest imperfection for fear the buyer will complain or demand a refund. The more complaints a retailer gets, the more inclined they are to throw away healthy plants just because they don’t look 'perfect'. Most of us now agree that throwing away vegetables because they’re wonky shouldn’t be an acceptable practice, and yet there are houseplants being discarded on a massive scale for the same reason. This needs to stop. 

Since we launched our boxes, they have been very popular and a massive success! We have been speaking to some of our suppliers and are now accepting our supplier's rejected plants and using these in our plant rescue boxes as well as any in our shop that arent in tip-top condition.

How many plants are in each box?
In our House Plants Box and Outdoor Perennial Plants Box numbers will vary week to week. We usually include 3 plants per box but there is sometimes more or less depending on value. 

In our Unusual & Rare Plants Box and Large Plant Box, there is likely to be one plant dependent on the value, but we will likely chuck in some extra smaller common plants into these boxes. To get an idea of what plants we class as Unusual & Rare, please check out this page.

In our Herbs Box, you will get usually a mix of different varieties of herbs, picked at random.

In the Seed Box, you will get roughly get 4-6 seed packets depending on availability which might have a short expiry date or be out of season.

Plants will be picked at random and will only contain plants that we would be happy to rescue ourselves. 

Should I buy a box?
Plants will need some TLC so ideally, you will have a basic understanding of what they will need to thrive. If you're looking to learn more about nurturing and rescuing plants then these boxes are a good place to start.

Can I get a refund?
All the plants sold will be imperfect but with the right care will grow - so sorry, no refunds will be given. The price reflects the condition of the plants. Sometimes plants might arrive with pests - we do our best to check, treat and inspect everything on arrival and departure from Sprouts but sometimes things are missed.

Sometimes there might be a small delay on getting your order out if we don't have any rescue plants currently available but we will get your order out as soon as we can


If you need care advice you can check out Sarah's Instagram.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Excellent service and product

Great quality plants, some minor cosmetic damage, but they look great for a rescue box!
Lovely little card with names and details of why they were in the box. Will definitely be back for more!

Keely Sporer
I've just got into my gardening/ house pla...

I've just got into my gardening/ house plants!! I can't even explain how excited I was unpacking my mystery box!! I even FaceTimed my sister whilst unpacking 😂😂 thank you so so much I love all my new babies!!

Great value!

I've ordered the Uncommon, Unusual & Rare Plants Box / Large box and omg did I receive some good ones! A giant Bromeliad Neoregelia 'Donger', a large Philo Tortum, a Philo White Wizard (the only one I already had one of), an Anthurium crystallinum 'Silver Blush', and a Hoya 'Sabah'.
It's now been 2 weeks since I've received them and they're all doing good!

Thank you very much! Lovely plants 🪴

Thank you very much!
Lovely plants 🪴

Christina Darding D
Great company, and fantastic value for mon...

Great company, and fantastic value for money.