Variegated String of Hearts - Ceropegia woodii variegata

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Scientific Name
Ceropegia woodii (wax-fountain plant, Wood's species) 
or Ceropegia linearis subsp. woodii

Common Name
String of Hearts, Chain of Hearts, Collar of Hearts, Rosary Vine, Hearts-on-a-String, Sweetheart vine

Native to Southern Africa, from Zimbabwe to Eastern South Africa

The String of Hearts is a fantastic, low-maintenance houseplant with eyecatching foliage which can grow to impressive lengths (with a bit of patience). The common name is particularly descriptive, as the leaves grow off a thin vine and are in the shape of hearts! The silvery variegation across each leaf is also stunning, and really shines in a bright spot. The phrase 'thrives on neglect' is a good one to have in mind with this plant- basically, it doesn't need watering very often!

Will benefit from a splash of morning sun, especially during autumn and winter, and otherwise will benefit from a spot in bright, indirect light. An east-facing window would be ideal! Make sure it gets no more than three hours of direct sun per day as this can burn the leaves.

Let the soil completely dry out between waters; make sure the leaves do not sit wet, and don't leave the soil soggy. The brighter the location, the quicker the soil will dry. Yellowing leaves are a sign of overwatering; if they are shrivelling and going crispy you may be under-watering.

This plant is adapted to low humidity, so don't put it anywhere damp and don't worry about misting it! Just make sure it's not in a cold draught or above a hot radiator.

Use a well-draining soil mix. One with added sand and grit, such as a mix designed for cacti & succulents, will work well here. Repot every three years as the plant grows.

Feed once a month; use a fertiliser designed for cacti & succulents for best results, and use when watering to avoid burning the roots.

This plant likes temperatures between 12-30°C - make sure it doesn't drop below 10°C in winter.

Yes, but too much nibbling won't be good for pets, small humans or the plant!

Sprouts Top Tips
You can trim and propagate the individual vines to make your plant more bushy, or let them grow really long- just take care when maintaining it as they tangle easily. The vines will propagate in water, if you trim off a stem and


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Lovely can't wait for it to start growing

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