Spanish Moss - Tillandsia usneoides


Spanish Moss, the moss that isn't a moss at all - it's actually in the same family as pineapples and some succulent house plants! It's also not from Spain, so is a bit of imposter all round. 

All of that said is a great air-purifying plant as it gets its nutrients from the water and even dust in the air and can be hung or trailed depending on your preference. 


  •  Make sure it has good ventilation and gets morning or evening sun
  •  Comes from humid climates so make sure it doesn't dry out and mist regularly on all sides
  •  When misting use rain/distilled water
  • Pet-safe

Spanish Moss is an air plant and therefore doesn't come in a plant nursery pot. 
Decorative pots are sold separately and can be found here. 

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Decorative pots are sold separately and can be found here.
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