Pink Flamingo Flower - Anthurium andraeanum 'Sweet Dream'

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Scientific Name
Anthurium andraeanum (Andre's flower-tail) 'Sweet Dream'

Common Name
Flamingo Flower, Tailflower, Painter's Palette, Oilcloth Flower, and Laceleaf

Native to tropical areas in Colombia and Ecuador

With its dark green waxy leaves and brightly-coloured flowers, the flamingo flower is sure to be an eye-catching addition to your home. This variety's soft pink flowers complement the deep green foliage! Its long-lasting flowers bloom almost year-round, and with the right conditions this tropical flower will brighten your room for years to come. In their natural habitats, these plants are epiphytic (they grow on trees) so they need to be well-drained rather than waterlogged at the root while enjoying a humid environment in general.

Likes a bright location with an hour of morning or evening sun; a north, noth-west or north-east facing windowsill will be ideal.


Allow a third of the soil to dry out between waterings in spring and summer, and a little more in autumn and winter. Since flamingo flowers are epiphytic, they are not tolerant to waterlogging!

Loves high humidity; will benefit from regular misting, especially where it gets a lot of light.


Plant in well-draining soil; a mix with added bark for drainage would complement its epiphytic nature. Repot every three years only if absolutely necessary.

Feed every couple of weeks in spring and summer, reduce to every month in autumn and winter. Roots are sensitive so take care with fertilisers which pour directly into the soil.

Likes warmer temperatures must stay between 12-28°C

No, this plant is toxic to pets and small humans.

Sprouts Top Tips
When re-potting, divide crowded clumps for best results. A winter dormancy period where the plant is kept cooler will improve the bloom and growth in summer.


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