Verona Vein - Cissus striata parthenocissus

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Scientific Name
Cissus striata parthenocissus (wrinkled ivy, maiden ivy)

Synonymous with Parthenocissus striata

Common Name
Verona Vein, Ivy of Uruguay, Evergreen Virginia Creeper, False Virginia Creeper

Native to South America

This delicate-looking houseplant sports long, pale green stems sprouting groups of five leaves at intervals along it. Perfect for displaying in a hanging pot or trailing from a high shelf, use this vine to add a splash of greenery to any room! Its leaves can scorch easily in the sun, so make sure you place it out of direct sunlight; a north-facing window or a shelf a couple of metres away from a sunny window would both provide the right level of light. This Cissus likes a little more humidity than others, too, so will appreciate a damper room or the introduction of a humidity tray.


Place in bright, indirect light. Its delicate leaves cannot tolerate direct sun and will scorch- but it will still appreciate plenty of indirect light!


Allow the top third of the soil to dry out between waters, and make sure the soil never sits soggy.

This Cissus is more susceptible to humidity than others; to keep it happy, introduce a pebble tray where it isn't in a humid location.

Use a well-draining mix; added coir, bark or perlite will be helpful here. A mix designed for ficus plants is ideal! Repot every couple of years in mid-spring as the plant grows.

Feed every four waters in the growing season, reduce to every six in autumn and winter. A specific citrus feed, with plenty of nitrogen and potassium, will help your plant best to grow.


Ideal temperature is 16-24°C; make sure it does not get colder than 14°C in winter.

Yes, however the sap can be a mild skin irritant so is best kept out of the way of little fingers and paws.

Sprouts Top Tips
Older leaves will naturally go yellow and drop off the plant, however if this is happening very quickly it could be a sign of overwatering; your plant will be especially at risk in dimmer locations, so make sure you aren't letting the soil sit wet if you encounter this issue!



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Received my plant. Well packaged and in gr...

Received my plant. Well packaged and in great condition. Thank you.

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