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Big leaves, long petioles, and thirsting endlessly- our humble would-be giant Alocasia are not only a crows favourite but a beloved genus amongst many folks from greenhouses to landscapers to aquarists.

These greatly varied aroids are in demand of a very moisture retentive soil, and barring the heinous peat moss of the world- Soil Ninja created the perfect blend to keep these ever so slightly demanding botany babes ever so comfortable and ever so happy.

Using a blend of: Coco coir, Vermiculite, Bark, Zeolite, Worm Castings, Activated charcoal

This careful blend has some fantastically aligned behaviours that compliment alocasia, vermiculite becomes our best friend for storing moisture then slowly and delicately releasing it back into the mix. The addition of bark increased surface areas throughout the blend which both acts as microbial hotspots for beneficial bacteria and fungi but also makes the general pH just slightly lower, which is the goldilocks for the meaty and sensitive roots of Alocasia- this heightened moisture is also coupled with activated charcoal to fend off any potential impurities which can lead to browning leaves, rotting roots and improve the immune system of the plant!

Don’t have an alocasia but have another thirsty aroid? Perhaps a xanthostema? A cyrtosperma? Our alocasia mix is for you!

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About Soil Ninja
From worm castings to plain old perlite, Soil Ninja have all the soil components to make premium soil mixes. They know exactly what your plant's soil needs are and their species-specific mixes have got your back. Soil Ninja was created in Lincoln, by Jack in 2020.


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