BioChar Soil Improver

Carbon Gold
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Biochar Soil Improver is a soil additive that promotes root development and soil structure and is ideal if you want resilient and productive vegetables, fruit, flowers, and plants. It is designed for organic growing although is commonly used by conventional as well as organic growers.

  • By using biochar you can bring a physical and permanent change to your soil, improving soil health and plant vitality
  • Biochar Soil Improver can be used as either a compost or soil additive, or as a planting aid.
  • By adding it to your compost or directly into the planting hole in the soil, you are introducing the long-term benefits of biochar, as well as giving the compost or soil a boost in terms of the biology that helps ensure strong and productive plants.
  • Carbon Gold Biochar products are FSC certified and Soil Association Approved.
  • Biochar has the ability to sequester (lock) carbon into the ground, so it is beneficial to the environment as well as your plants and edibles

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