What Gardeners Grow: 600 Plants Chosen by the World's Greatest Plantspeople

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What Gardeners Grow draws on the experience and passion of the world’s most interesting and respected plantspeople to create an encyclopedia of plants, each with their own personal story and growing tips.

More than 250 gardeners have contributed their plant choices, each selecting one or more of their most treasured favourites. There are nurserymen, head gardeners, designers, edibles experts, biodynamic practitioners, Chelsea medal-winners and more, each sharing a unique story about their favourite plants.

Discover plants chosen by horticulturalists such as Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury, Sarah Raven and Erin Benzakein, Joy Larkcom and Ron Finley. Other names include: Charles Dowding, Dan Pearson, Jekka McVicar, Marylyn Abbott, Fergus Garrett, Edwina von Gal, Jean-Marie Avisard, Andy Sturgeon, Ulf Nordfjell, Jane Scotter, Arne Maynard, Errol Fernandes, Mark Diacono, Tayshan Hayden-Smith, Lulu Urquhart, Juliet Sargeant, Adolfo Harrison, The Land Gardeners, Noël Kingsbury, Ann-Marie Powell, Kate Bradbury, Jacqueline van der Kloet, Bleddyn and Sue Wynn-Jones, Claire Ratinon, Tom Massey, Åsa Gregers-Warg, Frances Tophill and many more!

Dip in for insider secrets, surprising and inspiring tales, and to discover a whole new world of plants.


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