Alocasia ‘Hilo Beauty’ - Caladium praetermissum

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Scientific Name
Caladium praetermissum (overlooked Caladium)

Common Name
Hilo Beauty, Elephant Ears

The genus is originally from South America, but this species was first found in the Munich Botanical Garden.

The Hilo Beauty may look dramatic, but its care needs are thankfully undemanding. This species sports unusual camouflage variegation, which conversely makes it stand out amongst the plant world. The splotchy greens of its leaves make it the perfect addition to your home if you're looking for eye-catching foliage. First identified as an alocasia because of its arrowhead-shaped leaves, this plant was later reclassified as a colocasia- whatever its genus, however, it is perfectly happy as a houseplant and is sure to make even the cloudiest window ledge look bright.

Thrives in bright, indirect light. Pick a location that will allow some morning or evening sunlight in autumn and winter- but take care that it doesn't get too much direct light in summer! Overhead light will help the plant to grow evenly all the way round, so under a skylight is ideal.

Take care not to over-water; water when the top third of the soil dries out.

This plant will thrive in higher humidity; introduce a humidity tray and hose or mist the foliage frequently to keep it happy and stop the tips of the leaves from browning.

Use moisture-retentive soil to keep this thirsty plant happy but not too soggy. Repot every three years as your plant grows.

Feed every four waters in the growing season, reduce to every six in autumn and winter.

Ideal temperature is above 18-30°C; make sure it does not get colder than 10°C in winter.

No, this plant is toxic to pets and small humans.

Sprouts Top Tips
Caladiums can die back in the autumn/winter if the temperatures drop enough. If this happens, keep the tubers dry and store them in the dark until spring, when they will regrow even more beautiful than the previous year.


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