Brain Cactus - Mammillaria elongata 'Cristata'

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Find out more about cristata on our blog post 'Fascinating Facts About Cristation, Fasciation & Cristata'


Needs lots of bright light! This plant will love your sunniest window; if in doubt, choose a South- or West-facing window ledge.


Allow the soil to completely dry out in between waters. When you do water, completely soak the soil. Reduce watering over winter. 

Non-toxic, but spines aren't that fun to eat so best to keep away from pets and small humans.



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Need a spare brain for those hard days?

Ordered as gifts, and very pleased: was rather amused by the size of the box for the size of the cacti, but very chuffed to see how well packaged they were for arrival by ordinary Royal Mail parcel service.
10 out of 10, would absolutely order from Sprouts again.

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