Burgundy Rubber Plant - Ficus elastica 'Abidjan'

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*SALE* New leaf has opened and has a little bit of mechanical damage which we expect is from transport

A retro plant in some books, we think the Rubber Plant is fantastic for the design-conscious - paired up with some mid-century modern furniture perhaps?

Rubber plants can grow up to around 6ft tall but can be trimmed if you want to keep the plant at a smaller size.



  • Likes bright, indirect light
  • Water when the top layer of soil is slightly dry
  • Can be misted occasionally 
  • Can benefit from fertiliser in the growing season
  • Leaves may need the occasional dusting 
  • Ensure there is good drainage 
  • Toxic - also avoid if allergic to latex

Pot diameter: 14cm.

All our plants come in a plastic nursery pot as standard.
Decorative pots are sold separately and can be found here.