Flaming Sword Bromeliad - Vriesea 'Shannon'

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A range of indirect light conditions are good for this plant; make sure it gets no more than an hour of direct sun if at all; in a darker spot, keep the soil on the drier side.

Allow the top third of the soil to dry out between waters; remember, the less light the plant gets, the less water it will need. Keep the well in the centre of the foliage topped up, though; this is what allows the plant to survive between rainfalls in its natural habitat.

This plant loves higher humidity and will benefit from the introduction of a pebble tray; by topping up the well in the centre, you will also help it to maintain a good level of humidity.

In its natural habitat, this plant is an epiphyte (grows on trees), so a soil with added bark, such as a blend designed for Anthuriums or Orchids will work well here. Repot every few years if you would like to, although this isn't strictly necessary.

Feed every four waters in the growing season, reduce to every six in autumn and winter.

Temperature should ideally be between 15-30°C- make sure it doesn't drop below 12°C in winter.

Yes, but too much nibbling won't be good for pets, small humans or the plant!

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Keep the 'well' of water in the centre of the foliage topped up, and otherwise don't let the soil sit soggy. When the plant produces its pups, wait until they are around one third the size of the parent plant before potting them out; at this point they're ready to grow up and move out! The parent plant will die after this, but the DNA will be carried forward by the pups.



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