Hanging Tropical Pitcher Plant - Nepenthes alata

Pet safe?
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  • Likes moist to wet soil, but ensure good drainage
  • Water from above - remove any water that drips through to the outer pot or saucer
  • If re-potting, ensure the soil is poor in nutrients (that's what the bugs are for!)
  • Likes warm conditions (lows of 18 °)
  • A big fan of high humidity (60% or above is recommended)
  • Place bright light - a bright windowsill would be ideal
  • If placed indoors and there isn't an abundance of bugs for the plant to catch itself, it will need to be fed roughly every couple of weeks - crickets, mealworms or grasshoppers are some options that you should be able to get from a pet/reptile shop or online.
  • Pet-safe

Pot D 13cm

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