Into the Wild Daily Aromatherapy Mood Oil

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Into the Wild is made to make your heart sing! Breathe in the grounding woody scent of cedar, hunker down in a green coat of Siberian fir and reset your mind with the sharp aroma of eucalyptus. It’s wilderness on standby, for the moments you need it most. Cedarwood | Eucalyptus | Siberian Fir This earthy aromatherapy blend is ready to use, simply use the pipette to add a few drops to the pulse points or palms and rub together for a therapeutic moment in any day Get in the mood: Rub into your hair and pulse points to embrace the wildest you. Our essential oils are 100% pure and carefully blended with coconut oil and nourishing vitamin E, so they’re ready to use anywhere from your body to your hair, to diffusers and more. 30ml