Japanese Sago Palm - Cycas revoluta

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*SALE These Sago's have some yellowing fronds that we believe is due to a nitrogen deficiency. We have pruned off some of the leaves so the plant may be less bushy than pictured. The yellow parts on the fronds will never get back their green colour, however, as long as they are well looked after new growth will be a lovely rich green*

Although this plant is not technically a true palm (*gasp*) it does give off that perfect tropical feeling. 

Whilst relatively easy to care for it is quite slow-growing, so you do need to be careful with the leaves as any breakages will take a while to grow back.

These are plants are also very toxic to pets and humans so please make sure it is well out of the way of any pets or little people you may have.



  • Likes bright, indirect sunlight
  • Allow the top layer of soil to dry between waterings - water less in winter
  • Avoid watering the crown of the plant to prevent rot
  • Likes high humidity
  • Mist the leaves regularly
  • Toxic

Pot D - 12cm

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