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This unusual-looking plant bears huge, velvety leaves covered in thousands of tiny white hairs, or 'trichomes'. In the wild, this adaptation helps to make the plant less appetising, keep it warm overnight and reduce water loss. The textured undersides of each leaf also add interest to the plant, making this a stand-out houseplant in any home. This Genus name also has a descriptive meaning- fallen leaves can be put in soil to grow roots and make a whole new plant!

Scientific Name
Kalanchoe beharensis (plant from Behara, Madagascar, from which the parts that fall grow)

Common Name
Felt Plant, Felt Bush, Velvet Leaf, Elephant's Ear Kalanchoe

Native to Madagascar

This plant loves bright light, and will grow best somewhere that gets a few hours of morning or evening sun; an east- or west-facing window would be ideal.

Let the soil totally dry out between waters; in its native Madagascar, this plant has adapted to droughts between tropical downpours.

Low to average humidity is fine, these plants do not need it to be humid!

Use a well-draining mix, such as one designed for cacti & succulents, or one with added grit and sand. Repot every two years in spring.

Feed every few months with a cactus feed, or houseplant feed. Make sure it's diluted or added right after a water so as not to burn the roots.

Ideal temperature is between 15-25°C; make sure it does not get colder than 12°C in winter.

No, this plant is toxic to pets and small humans.

Sprouts Top Tips
Once you've got it in the right position, this plant will love not to be made a fuss of. Make sure you only water once its soil has totally dried out, feed rarely and let it do its thing! The most common issues come from overwatering, although it can get crispy leaves from having too much sun, too suddenly as well- so if you're moving it, give it time to acclimatise gradually.


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Victoria B
I think I found my favorite online plant s...

I think I found my favorite online plant shop! Another plant purchased - it looks wonderful! Arrived in healthy condition and VERY wellpacked. First class seller. Many thanks

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