Rock Cress - Aubrieta gracilis 'Glacier Violet' - British Grown Evergreen Perennial Alpine

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Scientific Name
Aubrieta gracilis (Aubriet's graceful plant) 'Glacier Violet'

A perennial purple flower with evergreen foliage which grows into a carpet of blooms. Hardy throughout the UK down to -29°C.

Flower: mat forming

Common Name(s)
Rock Cress, Purple Rock Cress, False Rock Cress

Originates in Southern Europe and East to Central Asia

This mat forming perennial can spread over a foot along the ground and produces vibrant evergreen foliage and deep purple flowers in spring and summer. Plant it on top of a wall or on the edge of a container to see the blooms and foliage cascade over the edge and spread their bright colour even further!

Months of Interest
Flowers April to July, foliage year-round

Pruning Tips
Deadhead spent flowers to encourage repeated blooming.

Wildlife Value
Provides nectar for pollinators, especially bees and various butterfly species

Full sun to partial shade, can handle exposed or sheltered spots.

Water in very dry weather; make sure the soil drains well so your rock cress won't be sat in a puddle.

Doesn't need to be top-quality, just make sure it drains well! This plant is adapted to rocky cliffs so just doesn't like to have soggy roots.

It is not necessary to fertilise your rock cress.

Yes- no toxicity reported, though it's best for the plant and your pets if they don't nibble too much!

Sprouts Top Tips
To keep your plant looking vibrant for years to come, keep an eye out for the centre of the mat becoming woody rather than green; when this starts to happen you can propagate your Rock Cress by pulling off a shoot and rooting in gritty soil; this way you'll have a whole new plant to replace the original when it starts to go bald in the middle!



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