Scaly Male Fern - Dryopteris affinis 'Cristata The King' - British Grown - Hardy Semi Evergreen Fern

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Scientific Name
Dryopteris affinis (tree-wing plant near the border) 'Cristata The King'

A semi- evergreen fern with mid-green leaves with crested tips, which is hardy throughout most of the UK down to -15°C.

Fern: clump forming habit
Perennial: Semi- Evergreen

Common Name(s)
Scaly Male Fern, Crested King Fern, Dryopteris pseudomas 'Cristata The King'

Native range is from Europe to the Himalayas!

This unusual fern is a 'cristata' variety, meaning the ends of each frond replicate themselves and fan out at the edges, creating a truly unusual look! In more exposed spots it will be deciduous, but in milder winters and sheltered locations it can keep its verdant foliage year-round. Choose this fern to add greenery into every corner of your garden!

Months of Interest
Foliage year-round, with a splash of yellow amongst the green in Spring

Pruning Tips
Snip dead or damaged fronds as necessary

Wildlife Value
No specific wildlife benefit known in the UK. Ferns do, however, help with soil stability in your garden, preventing erosion and adding organic material to the soil over time.

Can cope with a variety of light levels, from full shade to full sun, and is fine in both exposed and sheltered spots. It will thrive best with some shade and some shelter, and will love damp, shady parts of your garden.

Once it's established in your garden, this fern shouldn't need too much extra water- keep an eye on it in drought conditions or very hot weather.

This fern loves heavy, moist soils.

Feed in spring with a granular fertiliser into the soil.

Yes- no toxicity reported, though it's best for the plant and your pets if they don't nibble too much!

Sprouts Top Tips
To make this plant as low-maintenance as possible, pick a shady, moist spot. This is a double benefit as many plants need a lot more water, so you can add interest to a neglected corner of your garden and make it easier to care for this plant all at the same time!