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Semi Hydro Mix


A revolutionary & exciting way of growing plants at home! Soil Ninja's semi-hydro blend supplies porous materials & detoxifying / safeguarding amendments, all to keep your hydro-born props & plants healthy, strong & happy! As with all semi-hydro growing, we recommend regular flushing of the pot to remove built up fertiliser & sediments: ensuring the best free flowing & working behaviour of these very special aggregates.

Semi Hydro Benefits:

  • Extremely fast root growth
  • Very fast water and nutrient uptake
  • Makes extremely fussy plants far easier to maintain
  • Does not require regular watering (due to the reservoir)

Not all plants have the same fertilising routine, that's why when you purchase Soil Ninja's Semi-Hydro mix with fertiliser, it will be included in your delivery in a separate bag so you can fertilise to your specific plants needs.

Adding Soil Ninja Slow Release Fertiliser to your order? Head to the product page to learn more about our 8-9 month long lasting feed and how much you should use with your plants. Don’t forget, Soil Ninja's Semi-Hydro mix is compatible with other fertilisers including liquids and organic so you can keep using your favourites.

Semi-Hydro mediums may also be known as: Hydroponics, Pon, Semi Hydroponics


About Soil Ninja

From worm castings to plain old perlite, Soil Ninja have all the soil components to make premium soil mixes. They know exactly what your plant's soil needs are and their species-specific mixes have got your back. Soil Ninja was created in Lincoln, by Jack in 2020.

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