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Shell on Earth - Crushed Whelk Shells

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Recycled crushed, washed and dried whelk shells.

This is ideal for the indoor plant pot and terrarium top dressing. Great for cacti, succulents and most houseplants. Alternatively, you can mix the shells into soil or compost to increase drainage. 

About Shell on Earth
They're a small family business run by husband and wife team Jordan & Caryl Andrews. They take the crushed whelk shells generated at their family’s seafood processing factory and recycle them for use in gardens and landscaping. 

It's estimated that 5000 tonnes of waste shells are generated in the UK fishing industry every year. They are proud to not only reduce our waste output from the factory but also to help support a circular economy by utilising 100% of the whelks they process.


The Mini is approx 1.5kg
The Small is approx 3.5kg

 This is a natural product from the sea and we do our best to remove any foreign material. All the packaging is recyclable. The white filler is made from vegetable starch and is compostable.