Shoreline - Desert Terrarium

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Terrarium (earth display)
Open Terrarium, Succulent Terrarium

An innovation on the closed terrarium, which was originally invented in 1842 by English botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward

This mini desert display will shelter its collection of cacti and succulents, and give you an oasis of desert plants to bring into your home! These terrariums are open so that the moisture and humidity doesn't build up, and rarely need watering because of the nature of their inhabitants. The soil should be allowed to totally dry out in between waters, especially since many of the terrarium vessels don't have drainage holes. Thanks to this they are the ultimate low-maintenance plant display!

The plants in these terrariums like bright light, and will benefit from a few hours of direct sunlight per day.

Water rarely, only once the soil has totally dried out. Be aware that there may not be drainage holes, so don't put in more water than the soil can absorb.

These desert plants are used to low humidity so make sure they are in a drier spot, where they won't get damp.

The soil mix in these terrariums is free-draining to allow the roots of these plants to not sit in wet soil. Activated charcoal and Zeolite help trap and filter out impurities, and the sand and grit layers help keep the integrity of the soil and give water somewhere to drain.

Do not feed often; there are some nutrients in the soil, and if you feed them lots, the plants may outgrow the terrarium! If you feel it's necessary, only feed in small amounts and use a feed designed for cacti and succulents.

Cacti like temperatures of 10-28°C; aim for the warmer end in spring-summer and preferably around 12°C in their autumn- winter dormancy period.

Some of the plants contained may be toxic; spiky varieties can hurt pets and small humans too.

Sprouts Top Tips
This is low maintenance, so you don't need to do much! The main thing is that you will need to water it, but not very often at all; only water if the soil has dried out.