Strawberry Plant - Fragaria 'Delizz'

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Pet safe?

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  • Can be repotted in a planter, a larger pot, or straight into the ground
  • Ensure there is good drainage
  • Water frequently whilst the plants are being established, then water whenever there are extended dry periods
  • Avoid watering the crowns or fruits
  • For best results fertilise with a potash feed - tomato feed or similar should do the trick
  • Protect with fleece if an overnight frost is predicted
  • When the fruit starts developing place straw or fibre mats under the fruit to prevent rotting
  • Likes full sun, can tolerate partial shade
  • Avoid very windy locations
  • Cut off old leaves after harvesting fruit to allow new leaves to develop
  • Allow fruits to turn completely red before harvesting - eat the fruit soon after picking to have them when they're the tastiest!
  • Pet safe


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