The Exotic Fruit Growbar

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Invigorate your cooking and your cocktails with this trio of fabulous fruits! Our Exotic Fruit bar is a lively collection of seeds for unusual fruits that bring colour and flavour to cocktails, jams and puds. Cucamelons taste like cucumbers, but look like mini melons, and are the perfect addition to a G+T! Cape Gooseberry has a sweet yet tart flavour and is excellent for compotes or baked treats, whilst Alpine strawberries are exceptionally sweet and utterly delicious fresh or cooked. Compressed coir bar containing: o Cucamelon o Cape Gooseberry o Alpine strawberry Growbar, Seedballs, seedbombs, seed collections, birthday, Christmas, anniversary, growing gifts, new house, bright colours, fun branding, point of sale, wildflowers, editable, heritage, flowers, vegetables, fruits, seed paper, grow your own, garden, soil, coconut, seed packets, sow, piccolo, just water, wildlife, garnishes, fruit, alcohol, kids, children, tall flowers, mixed seeds