The Mini Cloche - Bioactive Terrarium

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Terrarium (earth display)
Glass Enclosure, Mini Ecosystem, Plant Terrarium

Invented in 1842 by English botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward

Bring a mini jungle into your home with Sprouts' handmade Forest Terrarium! They are stocked with various plants which benefit from the close, humid environment inside the glass, plus moss and decorations to complete the look. If you look closely you might even see tiny springtails hopping around; these bugs help clean up your terrarium by eating mould and leaf litter, keeping your bioactive terrarium healthy. Terrariums by their nature need very little maintenance; make sure they have a supply of bright, indirect light and check on the moisture levels every so often and you're good to go!

Place them somewhere with bright, indirect light. The extra layer of glass will filter some of the light, but be aware if it's in too bright a spot it will act like a greenhouse so can overheat. If the glass starts to get grimy, give it a wipe with a damp cloth or similar so your plants can still get light.

If the terrarium is looking dry, you can add some water in using a mister; if it's looking soggy or full of condensation, take the lid off and let some of the water evaporate out. Generally you won't need to worry about watering it as it is a closed system, but it is a good idea to check on it every now and again.

We have chosen plants that thrive in the high humidity provided by the terrarium; due to the closed lid, the vessel will maintain its humidity level.

The soil contains layers of sand and grit to allow the water to drain away from the main soil. Activated charcoal and Zeolite help trap and filter out impurities, and the sand will stop the soil going muddy as it will consistently be moist.

Don't worry about feeding your terrarium plants; as they need to stay small, it's a good idea not to give them lots of fertiliser! There are nutrients in the soil to keep them going while they are in there; if you want to fertilise, add only small amounts.

Average room temperature of 16-21°C is perfect. The terrarium will keep the plants slightly warmer, so make sure it's not in direct sunlight or they will get too warm and the terrarium will be full of condensation!

This depends on the plants themselves, but as long as they stay inside the terrarium, your pets should be safe!

Sprouts Top Tips
Don't fuss too much around your terrarium- it is its own little ecosystem so will be mostly fine on its own! When you check on it, you're looking for: too much moisture, e.g. lots of condensation or soggy plants; if it looks dry, in which case the plants would have crispy, browning leaves; or if the glass is grimy, in which case it just needs a quick clean so your plants can see the sun!



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