White Busy Lizzie - Impatiens 'New Guinea'

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A popular bedding plant, Busy Lizzie's also make fantastic plants to use in baskets, planters, or potted. They would look fabulous in a window box or bringing colour to a patio.

Whilst they are fairly wind resistant, they aren't a fan of cold so make sure to bring them inside or shelter them when the weather starts getting frosty. They are also pretty adaptable with light conditions, getting on with anything from shade to full sun (at least for a portion of the day).



  • Can cope with full sun, but make sure it is in shade for at least half the day.
  • Keep the soil moist but ensure good drainage
  • Water at soil level
  • Can benefit from regular fertilising whilst in bloom
  • Pinch off old flowers to encourage new blooms
  • If planted outside can benefit from mulch around the soil to stop the soil from drying out.
  • Pet-safe

Pot diameter: 13cm.

All our plants come in a plastic nursery pot as standard.
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