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Ten of our most popular houseplants - Sprouts of Bristol
Jessy Edgar07 de June, 2024
With nearly four years of business under our belt, and many more years of looking after plants, we decided to pull up the stats...
Slugs… snails… and how to stop them eating your garden plants? - Sprouts of Bristol
Jessy Edgar04 de June, 2024
It's an age old question. You might have tried salt, copper tape, egg shells, sheep wool, bramble stems, beer traps, coffee grounds, weetabix, oats...
Spider Plants: Why Rhianna loves them, and why you should too - Sprouts of Bristol
Rhianna Bangham30 de May, 2024
Maybe your granny has one, or your parents. Maybe you see them in your local library. Maybe you’ve just seen too many of them...
Sprouts named Bristol Life Awards 2024 Retail Winner - Sprouts of Bristol
Jessy Edgar01 de May, 2024
We love being part of the Kingsdown community We’re just down the road from the hospitals. We get many NHS workers coming in for a moment...
Verity & James - The Great Tythe Barn - Sprouts of Bristol
Jessy Edgar26 de March, 2024
Fascinating Facts About Cristation, Fasciation & Cristata - Sprouts of Bristol
Rhianna Bangham14 de February, 2024
Cristation is a genetic mutation that can happen in many types of plants and which leads to an interesting formation of the plant’s stem,...
Linnea & Ben - Paintworks - Sprouts of Bristol
Jessy Edgar16 de September, 2023
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Jessy & Tom - The Mount Without - Sprouts of Bristol
Jessy Edgar01 de September, 2023
Nosotros, sí, Jessy y Tom, propietarios de Sprouts, nos casamos en The Mount Without rodeados de nuestra familia y amigos. Fotos de la maravillosa...
Becca & Matt - The Holford Arms, Tetbury - Sprouts of Bristol
Jessy Edgar12 de August, 2023
Boda rústica en un granero de Becca & Matts con plantas de jardín y detalles de tartán morado en el maravilloso The Holford Arms en Tetbury, Gloucestershire.
Hannah & Tom  - The Mount Without, Bristol - Sprouts of Bristol
Jessy Edgar23 de July, 2022
Cuando Laura y Rob se acercaron a nosotros para decorar el lugar de su boda con plantas en macetas, saltamos de emoción por involucrarnos...
Laura & Rob - The Mount Without, Bristol - Sprouts of Bristol
Jessy Edgar18 de September, 2021
When Laura & Rob approached us to deck out their wedding venue with potted plants we jumped with excitement to get involved with a...