Anthurium elipticum 'Jungle Bush'

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Scientific Name
Anthurium ellipticum (Flower-tail with oval leaves) 'Jungle Bush'

Common Name
Jungle Bush, Jungle King

Native to the tropical rainforests of South America

The lush green foliage of the Jungle Bush Anthurium will make your home feel like your own corner of rainforest. Used to the forest undergrowth, this plant will thrive in shadier light conditions, as long as it's not too near a radiator which would dry it out! In its natural habitat, this plant grows on trees rather than in the ground (described as an epiphytic plant), so will appreciate some air on its roots to stave off rot. Its long, glossy leaves will brighten any room and reward your care with more of its distinctive bright green foliage.

Likes a bright location with an hour of morning or evening sun; a north, noth-west or north-east facing windowsill will be ideal.

Allow a third of the soil to dry out between waterings in spring and summer, and a little more in autumn and winter. Since Anthuriums are epiphytic, they are not tolerant to waterlogging!

Loves high humidity; will benefit from regular misting, especially if it gets a lot of light.

Plant in well-draining soil; a mix with added bark for drainage would complement its epiphytic nature. Repot every three years only if absolutely necessary.

Feed every couple of weeks in spring and summer, reduce to every month in autumn and winter. Roots are sensitive so take care with fertilisers which pour directly into the soil.


Likes warmer temperatures, must stay between 12-28°C

No, this plant is toxic to pets and small humans.

Sprouts Top Tips
The key with this one is moisture in the right places- it does not like soggy roots but does like high humidity, so try misting it or introducing a humidity tray rather than watering into the soil every time!