Basket of Gold - Aurinia saxatilis 'Summit' - British Grown Evergreen Perennial Alpine

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Scientific Name
Aurinia saxatilis (Gold-coloured plant found among rocks) 'Summit'

A perennial golden-yellow flower which sprouts from a mound of evergreen foliage. Hardy throughout most of the UK down to -15°C.

Flower: mat forming

Common Name(s)
Basket of Gold, Gold Dust, Golden Alyssum, Madwort, Goldentuft

Native to Europe and Asia

This mat forming perennial grows grey-green foliage in a mound which will stay verdant year-round! In mid to late spring, this mound of foliage will be covered in explosions of the golden-yellow flowers which give it its name and make it really stand out. Plant it on top of a wall or on the edge of a container to see the blooms and foliage cascade over the edge and spread their bright colour even further; keep this plant happy and its bright blooms will return to your garden year on year.

Months of Interest
Blooms April to May, foliage is perennial.

Pruning Tips
Prune back halfway after flowering; don't prune in autumn or early spring.

Wildlife Value
Provides nectar and pollen for bees and many other types of pollinating insects; this plant is on the RHS list of Plants for Pollinators'!

Full sun to partial shade, can handle exposed or sheltered spots.

Water in very dry weather; make sure the soil drains well so your Basket of Gold won't be sat in a puddle.

Make sure your Basket of Gold is in well-draining soil; it will tolerate shallow, rocky soil and does not want to be sat in a puddle!

It is not necessary to fertilise your Basket of Gold; if you choose to fertilise, every year or two in autumn will give it a nutrient boost.

Yes- no toxicity reported, though it's best for the plant and your pets if they don't nibble too much!

Sprouts Top Tips
As this plant is adapted to grow on rocky cliffs, it will grow well in rockery gardens, on top of walls, and in rocky soil; take advantage of this and plant it somewhere most plants would struggle to grow!