Begonia rex 'Red Heart'

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Scientific Name
Begonia rex (King Begonia) 'Red Heart'

Common Name
Rex Begonia, King Begonia, Painted Leaf Begonia, Fancy-Leaf Begonia

Originates in Northeastern India, Southern China and Vietnam

Begonia rex are known for their stunning leaves and standout foliage! This variety's foliage glows with bright red colour across each leaf, bordered by deep maroon around its jagged edges. Begonias don't like getting their leaves wet, so when you water, go directly into the soil or bottom-water. Keep this plant happy with some humidity, indirect light and a warm spot and it will reward you with stunning foliage sure to grab attention on your sideboard, shelf or window ledge.

Thrives in bright, indirect light, but will tolerate some shade. A North- or Northeast-facing window is a good bet here!

Keep the soil moist, but ensure good drainage and don't allow to sit in water. Water when the top inch of soil is dry, and reduce watering in winter. Don't water onto the leaves.

Begonias like humidity; average indoor humidity is fine as long as they aren't too close to a radiator which will dry them out! They will love a bright kitchen or bathroom.

A well-draining mix with added sand and coir, such as a blend designed for ferns, will work well here. Repot every three years or once the plant and roots are crowding the pot.

Feed every four waters in the growing season, reduce to every six in autumn and winter.

Ideal temperature range of 15-26°C; don't let it drop below 12°C in winter.

No, this plant is toxic to pets and small humans.

Sprouts Top Tips
Water directly into the soil or bottom-water by placing the plant into a tray of water for about ten minutes to let it drink its fill - these Begonias don't like getting their leaves wet.



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      So teeny and cute!! It'll be a pleasure to...

      So teeny and cute!! It'll be a pleasure to watch her grow