Copper Sheild Fern - Dryopteris wallichiana 'Jurassic Gold' - British Grown - Hardy Semi Evergreen Fern

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Scientific Name
Dryopteris wallichiana (tree-wing plant, Wallich's species) 'Jurassic Gold'

A semi- evergreen fern with bronze, yellow, gold and green leaves, which is hardy throughout most of the UK down to -15°C.

Fern: tufted habit
Perennial: Semi- Evergreen

Common Name(s)
Copper Shield Fern, Alpine Wood Fern

Native to tropical and subtropical areas across the Americas, Turkey to Asia, the Hawaiian islands and Gough Island; this variety was discovered in Dorset, and named for the Jurassic Coast.

Growing in rosettes of tufted foliage, this fern will add a splash of colour to your garden greenery, as its foliage displays coppery-yellow in spring and golden-yellow in summer! The ideal spot will be shady, sheltered and well-draining; if you're looking to fill a space like that, this could be the perfect plant for you. Choose this fern for its colour, and keep it for its easygoing nature.

Months of Interest
Foliage in spring and summer (and can be year-round if sheltered/mild enough). In Spring this is coppery-yellow, and in summer, golden-yellow.

Pruning Tips
Snip dead or damaged fronds as necessary

Wildlife Value
No specific wildlife benefit known in the UK. Ferns do, however, help with soil stability in your garden, preventing erosion and adding organic material to the soil over time.

Full shade is best for this plant, and it will prefer a sheltered location.

Once it's established in your garden, this fern shouldn't need too much extra water- keep an eye on it in drought conditions or very hot weather.

This fern loves moist, well-draining soils and can grow in most different types of soil.

Mulch well (cover in fresh compost) to keep the soil in good condition and supply your plant with nutrients!

Yes- no toxicity reported, though it's best for the plant and your pets if they don't nibble too much!

Sprouts Top Tips
This plant is ideal for a shady spot; it likes its soil to drain well, but will benefit from both shade and shelter. Keep this in mind when finding a spot for it in your garden!


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