Desert Rose - Adenium obesum 'Baobab'

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Scientific Name
Adenium obesum (Plump plant from Aden)

Common Name
Desert Rose, Impala Lily

Originating in East Africa and Arabia, in tropical and subtropical areas.

The Desert Rose gets its common name from its bright flowers, which fade from pink edges to white centres, but its species name from its plump trunk, which makes it resemble the baobab tree. This plant is one of the more unusual succulents you'll see, both in appearance and behaviour. Its glossy dark green leaves are deciduous, so don't worry if it drops them and enters dormancy if your home is cold in winter! It likes bright light and warm summers, which will increase the chance of flowering, and can be trained to handle harsher sunlight than most by getting used to it gradually through exposure.

This plant likes bright light and warmth, especially in summer when it wants to flower, and can tolerate up to four hours of direct sunlight a day! If you're aiming for this much sun though, make sure it has a chance to get used to it if it has had less light- otherwise it's more likely to scorch!

Allow the soil to dry out between waters, like with other succulents; this plant does not like sitting in damp soil, which can cause it to rot.

Low humidity is great for this plant, just make sure its leaves are dusted or hosed down every so often.

Needs a well-draining pot and potting mix; look for specific 'cacti and succulent' soils with plenty of sand and other well-draining materials. Only repot if absolutely necessary: repot in the spring, and no more frequently than every three to four years.

Feed every two months in the growing season, reduce to every three in autumn and winter. A cactus-specific feed will be best, though generic houseplant fertiliser will work too.

Likes temperatures of 8-32°C; warmer in summer will help it bloom, and cooler in winter will help with its dormancy, so don't worry if it drops leaves in these colder months.

No, this plant is toxic to pets and small humans.

Sprouts Top Tips
Be wary of over-watering this plant! It likes to totally dry out, so if you notice mould or soggy soil, water it less frequently. Keep an eye out for this especially in cooler or darker locations, and in autumn and winter.

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