Neutralise - Tap Water Dechlorinator

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Condition your tap water so beneficial microbes can flourish

  • Instantly treats chlorine and chloramine in tap water
  • Protect beneficial microbes in your potting mix
  • Boost root health and plant growth rates
  • Suitable for organic and hydroponic growers

Neutralises Chlorine and Chloramine Instantly

Just a few drops of Neutralise and your tap water is ready for adding microbial products such as Biosys. It can also be used with soil, coco and hydroponic systems as a pre-treatment for irrigation water and nutrient solutions.

Neutralise has been formulated to actively target the presence of chlorine and chloramine in tap water. Chlorine and chloramine are powerful disinfectants that are added to water supplies throughout the UK to kill potentially harmful bacteria. No doubt you will have smelt chlorine when running the tap or having a shower.

Chlorine alone in tap water can create some unwanted harmful by-products so water companies are moving towards a more stable version of chlorine known as chloramine. The procedure involves mixing ammonia into chlorinated water. Chloramine is far more persistent than chlorine alone, making it more effective at killing bacteria right to the point of drinking your glass of tap water, or watering your plants.

Ideal for Organic Gardeners

Chlorine compounds are very reactive, killing microbes by oxidation. They will readily oxidise enzymes, proteins, bacteria and other living microorganisms. Unfortunately they do not distinguish between the “bad biology” and beneficials, so chlorine and chloramine can potentially knock back the crucial development of the microbiome in your growing media.

The active ingredient in Neutralise is concentrated Vitamin C, a totally safe ingredient for your soil and plants. When Neutralise is added to chlorinated water, the Vitamin C is rapidly oxidised by the chlorine and chloramine. In this process, the chlorine compounds are reduced to chloride, which is harmless to microbes. Chloride is also a micronutrient, required by plants in trace amounts.

Don't hold your garden back by using chlorinated water, allow it to thrive with Neutralise!

How to Use

1. Fill container

2. Add one drop per litre

3. Ready and safe for use


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