Blue Pothos - Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Cebu Blue’

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Scientific Name
Epipremnum pinnatum (winged/feathered plant which grows on the bottom of a tree) 'Cebu Blue'

Common Name
Blue Pothos, Cebu Blue Pothos

Originates on Cebu Island in the Philippines

This pothos sports a shower of silver-blue tinted leaves which taper to delicate, feather-like points as they cascade from a hanging pot or the edge of a shelf. If you're feeling inventive, this pothos can also be grown up a moss pole or trellis to great effect! Adapted to the forest floor, where it grows on tree trunks, this plant can withstand some shade, like the tree canopy it's used to. This plant doesn't do too well in a soggy environment; with too much misting, it may develop powdery mildew, and its roots are accustomed to being on the outside of a tree trunk so make sure its soil drains well and allows air to reach the roots

Bright but indirect light is best, as this plant is not used to direct sunlight. If in a shadier location, water less frequently to stop it getting waterlogged.

Allow the top third of soil to dry out between waters; in a shadier location, allow about half to dry out. Keep an eye out for soggy soil in winter especially.

Average humidity is fine; don't mist this pothos, though a hose down once a month or so will help it keep its leaves clear of dust. Make sure you don't keep it too close to a radiator which could dry it out

Use a well-draining soil with chunky bits like bark which will help it drain and get air to your roots. Repot every few years as the plant grows.

Feed every four waters in spring and summer; reduce to every six in autumn and winter.

Average temperatures of 18-30°C are fine; make sure it doesn't get colder than 12°C in winter.

No, this plant is toxic to pets and small humans.

Sprouts Top Tips
Allow this plant somewhere to grow to or something to grow up and it will deliver! It can have a spread of up to 8m in height in the right conditions. Alternatively, you can trim the ends to make entire new plants from the cuttings; just make sure there's a leaf and a node and your plant should be able to root anew!

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