Hairy Lip Fern - Cheilanthes lanosa - British Grown - Hardy Semi Evergreen Fern

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Scientific Name
Cheilanthes lanosa (lip-flowered plant, woolly variety)

A semi- evergreen fern with mid-green leaves year-round, which is hardy throughout most of the UK down to -20°C.

Fern: clump forming habit
Perennial: Evergreen

Common Name(s)
Hairy Lip Fern

Native to North America

This fern will add greenery and interest to your garden year-round with its mid-green foliage. Extra interest is added by the unusual texture of its leaves, where hair-like scales make it appear fluffy! Make sure wherever you keep these plants drains well, as they don't like soggy soil; a rock garden or patio could work well here! Protection from winter downpours and puddles is key.

Months of Interest
Foliage year-round

Pruning Tips
Pruning is not a necessity; your plant may benefit from tidying up older stems in Spring

Wildlife Value
No specific wildlife benefit known in the UK. Ferns do, however, help with soil stability in your garden, preventing erosion and adding organic material to the soil over time.

Place in full sun in a sheltered spot.

This plant is drought tolerant so shouldn't need any extra water outdoors in the UK.

Well-drained soil, likes loamy and sandy or gritty soil.

Should be able to get its nutrients from the soil; will benefit from fresh compost if it's been in one spot for a while.

Yes- no toxicity reported, though it's best for the plant and your pets if they don't nibble too much!

Sprouts Top Tips
This is a really unusual fern in that it likes well-draining soil and can withstand droughts- so if you've struggled with ferns before this could be the one for you! Just remember it is different to most ferns and likes a lot less moisture than them.


Customer Reviews

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Lovely little fern. I worry about buying p...

Lovely little fern.
I worry about buying plants on line but there was no need as the fern arrived quickly, very well packaged and looked as good as the photos.
I would definitely buy again.

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