Maidenhair Fern - Adiantum raddianum 'Fragrans'

Sprouts of Bristol
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These ferns are beautiful and delicate and are big humidity lovers - ideal for a kitchen or bathroom. It actually grows around waterfalls, so whilst we wouldn't recommend placing it in the shower (hot hot!), you can see why being close by to all that moisture is great for this plant. 

If it's not in a high humidity environment, make sure to mist it daily to keep it nice and happy, especially on hotter days. 


  • Indirect sunlight to light shade
  • Mist regularly
  • Can benefit from a pebble tray to increase humidity
  • Avoid draughts
  • Keep soil moist but not soggy
  • Can benefit from a liquid fertilizer in the growing season
  • Don't let sit in water
  • Pet-safe



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Beautiful plant, exactly as described

Beautiful plant, exactly as described

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