Philodendron 'Ring of Fire'

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Scientific Name
Philodendron tortum x wendlandii (tree-hugger, twisted (bred with) Wendland's) 'Ring of Fire'

Common Names
Henderson's Pride, Philodendron Narrow Variegata, Philodendron Narrow Ring of Fire, Gold Ring of Fire

Tropical areas of South/ Central America

The Philodendron Ring of Fire is a rare species which boasts unusual, serrated-edge leaves, and an array of colour ranging from dark green to deep red, with speckles of orange and paler green. Each leaf has its own unique pattern of variegation, and the bright colours make it eye-catching in any indoor garden. It can be a little fussy to care for but with the right (bright) spot and your careful attention, it will be the belle of your collection!

Place in bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight (except maybe an hour per day in winter when it's weaker!) as this can scorch the leaves.

Allow the top two inches of soil to dry out in between waterings (these plants are easy-going so if you wait a little longer to water don't panic!). Ensure good drainage and don't allow to sit in water.

Appreciates above average humidity, but will do just fine in most standard household humidity. Will appreciate an occasional misting, especially if in a dryer spot. Water less in darker areas.

Use a chunky, well draining mix. Repot every two years in spring as the plant grows.

Will benefit from a light feed throughout spring and summer- especially since it takes a lot of energy to produce such beautiful foliage!

Average household temperatures of about 18-28° are fine- try not to place somewhere where temperatures dip below 12°C for extended periods.

No, this plant is toxic to pets and small humans.

Sprouts Top Tips
Water with tepid rather than cold water to avoid shocking the plant. Rotate it now and then to promote even growth. Avoid draughty spots.