Sea Thrift - Armeria maritima 'Armada White' - British Grown Evergreen Perennial Alpine

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Scientific Name
Armeria maritima (sea thrift) 'Armada White'

A perennial flower with evergreen foliage which grows in a tuft with tall white flowers shooting upwards. Hardy throughout most of the UK down to -15°C.

Flower: mat forming, evergreen foliage

Common Name(s)
Thrift, Sea Thrift

Native to mountains and coastal areas across the northern hemisphere, especially Northern Europe

This tough evergreen perennial is not too fussy about where it is planted, as long as it gets plenty of sun and isn't sat in a puddle! It grows in tufts of greenery which will stay green year-round, and produces white flowers which shoot out of the foliage in spring and summer. Used to growing on seaside cliffs, this plant is commonly called the 'sea thrift'; bring a slice of the shore to your garden or window box with these beautiful white blooms!

Months of Interest
Flowers May to August, foliage is evergreen

Pruning Tips
No pruning required, but if you deadhead the spent flowers it will encourage your plant to keep blooming until early autumn.

Wildlife Value
Popular with bees, butterflies and other pollinators

Full sun (more than 6 hours per day), can handle exposed or sheltered spots.

Water only in very dry weather; make sure it isn't at all soggy and its soil drains well!

Needs well-draining soil, and doesn't like to be sat in standing water. Any pH level is fine.

Fertilise at least once a year in the growing season (spring/summer)

Yes- no toxicity reported, though it's best for the plant and your pets if they don't nibble too much!

Sprouts Top Tips
This plant will grow up to half a meter in spread and height; if you want to divide it to propagate, early spring is a good time!

Pick your worst-quality soil to plant sea thrift in- it's really not picky and can fill an otherwise tricky spot with beautiful foliage and blooms!


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