Pet Friendly Mystery Plant Bundle | Subscription Available | House Plant Lucky Dip Gift Set

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We all love our furry friends, but do you ever feel like they get in the way of your plant collecting?!

With The Pet Friendly Plant Bundle, you can love your pets AND your plants - even with the nibblest of pets. All of these plants are pet-friendly, so you can sleep easy in the knowledge that your plants aren’t going to get you need to make an emergency visit to the vet*.

Each box will typically have 3-5 plants included with a retail value of over the box price, and we’ll ensure that the selection is different month to month with no repeats for at least 6 months.

*All plants have been checked and are regarded as pet safe - we still wouldn’t recommend your pets replace meals with them though! Monitor your pet if it eats any plant and consult with your vet if needed.